Caravan Warranty Terms & Conditions

All Used Caravans have a 3-month warranty, unless otherwise agreed at the time of purchase.  

Watt A Life Trading Ltd is the registeredlegal owner of all Caravans offered for sale by North Shore Caravans in New Zealand. All Caravans are sold in good faith and with clear title.  

North Shore Caravans stand by the vans we sell. We have a comprehensive checklist that we go through prior to selling a caravan to make sure everything is working before sale.

Generally, the appliances are reliable but like anything 2nd hand it may work fine for years to come, or it might fail the next day – who knows! But for your piece of mind our warranty covers the repair of major fixed appliances within the van.

These appliances include:
Fridge, Hob, Oven (if fitted), Water heater, Microwave, Toilet, Space heater, 12v Electric system, 240v Electric system, 12v Charger, Battery, Water system including pump and tapware. If you have a problem with any of the above within the warranty period, we will arrange to repair or replace.Depending on your location you may have to take the van to a local company to do the repair. North Shore Caravans would not be responsible for any recovery or delivery costs involved in getting the caravan to the repairers.
If your van is set up Permanently, we won’t pay any associated costs of having a repair person travel to your van and repairing on site. Before having any work or repairs done YOU MUST CLEAR IT WITH US. We also require a quote from the repairers before authorising any repairs. This must be in writing. Receipts for the work MUST be provided. We will NOT pay for unauthorised repairs. Things that we would consider wear and tear and wouldn’t cover are too numerous to mention but here are a few examples:

Specific exclusions:  
Any item subject to normal wear and tear,including but not limited to: Curtains, blinds, cushions, carpets,upholstery, soft furnishings, work surfaces, shower bases, furniture, sinks and washroom furniture, window stays, cupboard stays, catches, and latches, roof hatches, windows, doors, door & locker locks, roof lights,tyres, glass, paint, bright work and all similar trim. and finish, roof lights, any type of light bulb or fuse, A-frame cover and wheel spats, panel oxidation, air conditioning units, alarm systems, gas bottles, entertainment equipment, any item that is not standard to the caravan, damage caused by mould, misuse damage or neglect of any component, cleaning or adjustment of any assemblies, adjustments towindow blinds and fly screens, cosmetic finishes to any surfaces or appliances.

  • Awnings:
    For any Awning that has arrived with a caravan, we do not advertise awnings with the sale of our caravans. We do not know of the condition of these awnings. If A caravan has an awning this is a bonus. These are offered free of charge and are not part of the caravan sale and there is no warranty.
  • Water Ingress:·      
    North Shore Caravans will not cover the water tightness or the van’s structure, as leaks can appear at any time, but we endeavour not to buy caravans with previous water ingress issues, structural degradation or other damage caused by water ingress through non-permanently sealed seams or joints(such as, without limitation, around windows, hatches, doors, and roof lights).
  • Running Gear ·      
    This Warranty does not cover running gear This includes but is not limited to brakes, wheel bearings, wheels, handbrake, and wheel alignment.These have been checked and passed by VTNZ when the WOF is issued.
  • Rubbers & Sealants ·      
    North Shore Caravans will not cover the deterioration of Sealants & rubbers. this includes but is not limited to; window seals, window rubbers,locker door rubbers, locker door seals and general sealant used on the interior and exterior of the caravan. It is the new owner’s responsibility to maintain these.

North Shore Caravans will not give a warranty on accessories that have been fitted to the caravan since manufacture and prior to arrival in NZ like motor movers, aircon units & solar panels.We will test these prior to sale to ensure working but don’t offer any form of warranty on them.

North Shore Caravans offer a range off Accessories that can be installed as part of the sale of your caravan, these are an extra cost. These have been installed by a professional contractor and will come with their own warranty issued by that contractor.  
Accessories or modifications to your caravan that has not been installed or approved by North Shore Caravans will void your warranty this includes but is not limited to; Solar Panels, Motor Movers, batteries, inverters, TV satellites, interior/ exterior modifications.

North Shore Caravans decision is final on whether we consider it fair wear and tear or covered by this warranty. If you have an issue, even if we feel it is not a warranty repair, we will try and supply the part at cost for you.